Magma for Fixed Wireless Access

Fixed Wireless Access with Magma

  • Distributed Architecture
  • Cloud-native
  • Vendor-agnostic
  • Local breakout for internet
  • Start small, scale as you grow
  • Remote config management

Success Stories


BRCK delivers internet access to Kenya

BRCK, Africa’s leading provider of connectivity solutions for frontier markets uses Magma to run their free public WiFi network.  Magma’s affordability and reliability make it possible to level the playing field by covering areas with no prior 3G/4G service with up to 40 Mbps download speed.


iConecta leverages Magma flexibility to serve Brazil

iConecta operates in the southern region of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. iConecta leverages Magma’s flexibility to offer customers a simple flat price broadband service delivered using a Mi-Fi device to attach over Wi-Fi to user’s equipment. The last-mile connection is delivered over LTE and the backhaul uses either microwave or fiber technologies across the region.



Brisanet connects remote areas of Brazil

Brisanet, the largest ISP in Brazil, deploys cell sites using Magma to bring low-cost Internet service to the most remote areas of Brazil thus enabling social and technological inclusion to Brazil’s Northeastern population.

ISP — U.S.

WiConnect brings high-speed internet to rural Wisconsin

WiConnect migrated its Packet Core to Magma in order to augment their Wi-Fi deployments with 4G-LTE. 4G-LTE is the most reliable solution to overcome the challenges of the rugged terrain (bluffs, hills, and valleys) and low population density in the southwestern region of Wisconsin. With Magma-enabled LTE, a much larger area can be covered bringing the internet to more people with a higher quality of service at a lower overall cost of operations.


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