The Magma open source licensing model is very permissive allowing anyone to add their own differentiating code, create white-labeled version of Magma, and sell Magma commercially.

More developers means higher code quality and fast innovation.    Magma is backed by a large developer community supported by these world-class organizations:

Meta’s Commitment

Connectivity is at the heart of Meta’s mission of giving people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

Meta Connectivity is advancing this mission by lowering the barriers to entry for new players and new technologies to improve connectivity for all.

Every mobile network needs a high-performance packet core at the center of its network. But the market has made it impossible for MNOs, ISPs, MSOs, and Enterprises to buy, deploy and maintain the latest technologies at a reasonable cost.

In order to advance our mission to connect more people with better internet, Meta Connectivity has developed and open-sourced this market-leading Enhanced Packet Core to bring the most advanced packet core technology at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership to MNOs, ISPs, MSOs, and Enterprises that need to launch mobile broadband services.

We are committed to this mission.

  • We have open-sourced Magma for anyone to run and enhance the software under the permissive LF guidelines
  • We invest developer resources so that Magma continues to lead in innovation
  • We collaborate closely with organizations like Linux Foundation, OIF, TIP, and the OAF to grow the ecosystem
  • Work with System Integrators, software vendors, hardware vendors, and RAN vendors to help ensure that Magma interoperates across the ecosystem
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