Leverage Magma’s open mobile core to connect people to a faster internet via LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi, and beyond.

Magma - the brain inside your network

The brain of your mobile network

If you provide internet or communication services, your network needs a packet core. Magma is a next-generation packet core that delivers the latest innovations at a lower cost of ownership. Read more about the technology →

Built for Communication Service Providers

Magma was designed from the ground up to deliver flexibility and openness for the next generation of service providers including MNOs, ISPs, MSOs, and Satellite providers.

ISP Professionals


Magma’s open-source approach delivers exponential flexibility, openness and lower costs that can be fully leveraged by our robust community.

Not your traditional EPC

Easy to deploy

Get up and running quickly with Magma-embedded hardware and qualified partners who can help you implement Magma.

No licensing fees

Magma is open-source and has no licensing fees. Switching to Magma could save you 70% on your CAPEX and OPEX.


Magma interoperates with a broad range of equipment helping you avoid vendor lock-in and enjoy enhanced flexibility.

Rich developer support

Magma is backed by a robust developer community, ensuring cutting-edge features, quality assurance, and free upgrades.

Open APIs

Integrate with your existing BSS/OSS or a new bread of management platforms using simple to use yet robust and open APIs.

3GPP compliant

Interoperate with RAN, backhaul equipment of your choice.

Local breakout

Skip unnecessary backhaul traffic and deliver user traffic to the internet at the most efficient and cost effective location.


Facebook Connectivity is a committed developer to Magma and provides level 4 support to Qualified Partners.

Learn why Service Providers are using Magma

Level 4 Support provided by Facebook Connectivity

Magma Core is a reliable open-source software backed by the largest development communities in the world including Facebook.  The Magma Core Foundation has created a Magma Core Qualified Partner program for service providers that have deep experience helping enterprises successfully adopt Magma Core.  In addition to community support channels, Magma Core Qualified Partners will have Level 4 technical escalation support available to them from the Facebook Connectivity core development team.   To receive information about the program, please fid out more how to Become a Partner

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